Dec 2007


Eu ando muito exigente.

Fui procurar um tema novo pra colocar aqui… mas eu queria algo com recurso de wadjets. Não achei nenhum tema legal. então, até que eu termine de desenhar e montar o meu, vai ficar esse aqui mesmo.

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  1. Eduardo diz:

    Old Holborn left a message on Tom Harris’s blog, which propmted me to leave a message for you.My blog roll consists of three names and you are one of them!I have been through terrible depressions myself, even lacking the will to live, which was mainly due to constantly worrying about the state of the world and my own feeble efforts, but then I started lightening up because the Almighty God is in control and so I don’t need to worry every minute of the day.Friends had to drum this fact into my head.I started turning my concerns into opportunities. Instead of getting depressed, I started a website. I stopped worrying what people think of me and started speaking my mind.I know from feedback that I have helped people see things differently. They have thanked me.You are much bigger than me, so many more people will have benefited from your insight.Maybe a change would help. I moved to a new house and I decided I was going to enjoy it no matter what. I guess you don’t have to move to make that decision. Just trust in Christ and do it. The Good Shepherd won’t let us down. I used to worry about the lost sheep. How can *I* save them, I used to beat myself up with, but He will keep the 99 safe while the lost one is returned safely to the fold.I am sure that, through God’s grace, all will be gathered together whose names are written in the Book of Life.At church at the weekend, we were reminded that one of the most important things about being a Christian is the waiting. Waiting upon the glorious return of Christ.While we’re waiting, take some rest as you need to. And remember, depressions *always* pass. I guarantee this. I am somewhat of an expert after several decades of the things. Get some antidepressants if you need to. Plenty of Christians are on them. I’ve been on them. There’s no shame in it.A walk can do wonders, especially if you can kick some Autumn leaves about as you go!

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