Apr 2008

Orkut – olha o logo

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  1. Delia diz:

    AmpEnergo apparently sees high demand for a 1 MW unit initially, and is focused on meeting that demand. That doesn’t mean they won’t eventually start producing smaller units as the demand for them increases.Then again, Defkalion is supposedly in talks to let them enter the US market, so maybe AmpEnergo will allow Defkalion to market their kW-range devices in the Amc.seasrLaitly, even a 1 MW device will have a profound effect on energy distribution. A 1 MW device will greatly decentralize energy production and distribution, down to the municipality or neighborhood level, although I agree with you that a home generator would be ideal.

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    The actual filming is a drop in the bucket compared to everything else in the film industry these days. A massive amount of the pre and post production stuff happens in the US. The biggest special effects companies are in the US, as are the biggest studios. If you’re curious about how money gets spent/made in the film industry, I highly recommend reading up on it because it’s not nearly as straight forward as you would think.

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