Feb 2008


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  1. Giovy diz:

    I have just bought a trpiple A game, which was released last year. I also bought an indie game which will be released next year.I noticed, that I expected the indie game to have less bugs. It gets worse. I was right.There is also the problem that I am buying alpha indies, even if I probably will barely play the game when it is released.

  2. Chineye diz:

    Hi, everyone. I’ve been busy but I have misesd you all.Gayle, I love your avatar. You look just beautiful.LaMie is doing better. She has been force-fed mushy food with a syringe for the last couple weeks to make sure she gets her nutrients. Yesterday she ate 70% of her dinner by licking it off of my friend’s hand!!! That is a real improvement… since as soon as 2 days ago she wouldn’t eat food that was offered… and she drank water voluntarily yesterday AND she ate a few crunchies yesterday and this morning!!!! I am SO FREAKING HAPPY!!! Who knew that a properly working digestive system could make me SOOOOOOOoooooo happy?I think she still has a couple weeks of force-feeding left (there were supposed to be 6-7 weeks of it) but she is definitely happier. She is back to licking my face and seeking me out for cuddles…. practically all the time when I am home.My roomie has been doing the actual feeding… she has more experience at it… and it is much easier on the cat… and I am so grateful. I got her a nice present yesterday.


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