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  1. Chev diz:

    Your Grace Reading everyone’s hertlfeat comments and kind wishes, you must continue, your public needs you. I think God really does work in mysterious ways. Those who bully will get their comeuppance eventually. When suffering the blues I found it helpful to engage in something humbling. Joining a charity that provided essentials and a friendly ear to the homeless of London I met some great people in the group and it took me out of myself. It was winter 92 just after the Tories had closed the mental institutions , I encountered a lot of these pitiful people huddled in doorways as well as the usual scary vagrants, druggies etc., and I heard some real genuine stories of plight and bad luck that brought me back to earth. If not, maybe some other physical work? redesigning and planting up friends or someone’s garden? To see the fruits of your hard labour and their joy might help to restore your equilibrium? Immer wenn du denkst es geht nicht mehr,kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her!Just when you think you can’t go on, Suddenly from nowhere comes a little light.

  2. life insurance critical illness cover diz:

    AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!


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